fashion and project management
"Fashion is not something that exist in dresses only.Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening" (Coco Chanel)
Project Management in Fashion Industry

When we hear the word “project”, we usually think about hard tasks like construction, architecture, technology, or any other tasks that take lots of time and efforts for people involved in it to be achieved. However, a project can be as simple as arranging your mails in priority order, or planning to catch the next bus onetime.

Most people view a project as a designated set of tasks needed to accomplish inorder to achievd a specific goal , and there should be a project manager to oversee all the tasks and to make sure that everyone is on the right track to accomplish the goal within a specific time frame. This is also true in fashion industry.

We have seen models walking down the runways in fashion shows all around the world, we have seen boutiques with colorful window dressing, and we have seen different shops with different merchandising, and they are all part of a project and there has been many planning in order to execute these projects properly.

There are many misconception about fashion and many people believe that art or fashion doesn’t need any business knowledge, and as long as you know how to sew a thing or be able to sketch, then you are doing fine in fashion indusrty.
 However, it is not true in today’s world of fashion, in fact, fashion is all about business. There are many famous designer all around the world who are making lots of money and their success directly relate to how they manage their businesses.
Any one in the fashion industry should also be a great project manager in order be successul in this ever changing environment.

For example, every fashion show require lots of palanning, organizing, in order to be able to execute a good fashion show, and during the whole fashion show, there must be a project manager to control every aspects of the show.

it is not just a bout the fashion show, there are other elements in fashion industry that also need a proper project management ( like merchandising, event planning, window dressing,…).

once again, fashion is fact all about the business, and as long as you have the knowledge to manage all the project and also the talent to come up with new ideas, you can do very good fashion indusrty.