Advantages & Disadvantages for the iPad[1]

The iPad is an excellent device that is the perfect size for any student to use not only in the school environment, but also in everyday life.  The 9.7 inch display screen is perfect for reading e-books.  This lightweight device is much lighter for students’ backpacks compared to a few 700 page hard-cover textbooks.  The battery life of the iPad is also sufficient for school students, lasting approximately eleven hours.  The iPad will encourage more students to read, as more and more magazines and newspapers become available in e-Book formats.

iPad is on every students Christmas wish list, but after doing some research there are some setbacks that will make you think twice before purchasing one.  First, iPad does not support flash based applications. In other words you cannot view a website properly if it has a lot of flash based plug-ins or is a completely flash based website. Secondly, it has no built in USB slots. You can use a USB device only through an adapter, which means you have to spend extra money to purchase it. Finally, iPad does have iBook, which is a huge plus for students because it means they don’t have to carry their textbooks around with them. However, without a third-party application, annotations cannot be made directly onto eBooks. The iPad also lacks e-ink, which causes the eBook text to have a lower contrast, making reading eBooks harder on the eyes.

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